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Fifteen Minutes

Set your Tivos and VCRs! (Or, if you're like me and you have no Tivo and your VCR doesn't work and you're stuck without these wonderful time-shifting devices, then mark your calendar instead.)

My Oregon Art Beat appearance is coming up on Thursday, March 29 at 8pm, and then repeats Sunday, April 1, at 6pm. (It's on OPB television.) I haven't seen the bit yet (and I'll actually be out of town on Thursday) so I'm not sure what exactly they show, but you'll probably see some Etch-a-Sketching, some of my process to make them permanent, and maybe the Art-o-matic at a Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta.

(It's probably more like 8 minutes of fame, since they profile three different artists each show, but that means I've got another 7 minutes coming in the future, right?)

March 20, 2007


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