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Art-o-matic 2.0

artomatic2.jpg If you came out to Last Thursday last month, you might have seen the Art-o-matic, an amazing piece of technology that allows you to request custom-made postcard art or Penny Arcade postcard games. Well, wait until you see the brand-new redesigned Art-o-matic 2.0! It's brighter, bigger, more ergonomic, and has an even bigger range of products, including some t-shirt iron-ons designed by yours truly.

I'll still have my Etch-a-Sketchings on display, of course, and as always you can request a 5-minute Etch-a-Sketch for only a dollar. You won't find that deal anywhere else!

I'll be there this week from around 4pm until everyone goes home, and I'm generally between 21st and 22nd. Just look for the big green-and-white box and the Etch-a-Sketch display. (Or if you don't see those, look for the huge crowds and maybe I'm behind them.)

August 22, 2005


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