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Holy Sonnet!

This is a project I worked on a few years ago for a now-defunct magazine called Re:generation Quarterly. The text is from John Donne's Holy Sonnet 19, and my friend Nate came up with the image ideas after seeing a piece by Chris Ware. I did the drawings with Adobe Illustrator. It's a sort of parody of the Jack Chick-type tracts with demons and lots of hellfire.

It ran in the magazine as a two-page spread, but we also made a Fold-Your-Own Tract (PDF) which has instructions for printing it out, folding, cutting and stapling it to make a small multi-page tract for distributing at random. You can make your own here, or buy it from the Art-o-matic for a dollar!

(Click on the thumbnails below to pop-up the larger image.)

cover-th.gif frame01-th.gif frame02-th.gif frame03-th.gif

frame04-th.gif frame05-th.gif frame06-th.gif frame07-th.gif

frame08-th.gif frame09-th.gif frame10-th.gif frame11-th.gif

frame12-th.gif frame13-th.gif frame14-th.gif

September 14, 2005


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