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PULSE 2006 recap


I did make it to PULSE after all (my baby girl was born a week ago) and had a great time. There were even more artists than last year, a mix of returning artists and new artists. I had a booth this time and worked on permanent pieces for the silent auction instead of roving, and it was nice to have a set place to sit and better lighting, though I missed being able to watch the other artists work and mingling with guests.

In about nine hours (with some time for eating breaks and a brief massage) I completed three pieces: "Where the Weird Things Are," "Elephant & Child" and "Jack of Spades." It was a challenge to work against the clock, but also fun to be creating art with a bunch of other artists at the same time, all for a good cause.

Thanks to Andie Petkus (www.andiepetkus.com) for providing the photos!

October 08, 2006


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